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Parent Admin App

Guide for Early Years Parents

So why do you need in your life?

See how your children are getting on with live diaries, journeys plus everything you need to know, including, account history, invoices, accidents, funding codes, notifications and much more.

Let nursery know if your child is going to be absent.

Everything you need in a single app. Just search for “Parent Admin”.

Child Digital Registration Form
Keeping your details up to date

Keep your details up to date using the digital registration form.
Let your setting know about any new allergies, dietary requirements
and once you’re done, sign and submit to confirm.

Child Journeys

Photo and video uploads

Share your child’s observations with your nursery. Get started by click the button on parent admin observations page that looks like below and easily submit your own observations for nursery to tag and confirm.

Child Diaries

Live daily feed

Daily diary shows each of your child’s nursery day, each event is shown as it happens, including nappies, sleeps, food, drink and more.

Any items your nursery add into child diary will automatically get updated, in real time, on


View and digitally sign

Get an insight into how you’re child is doing and an overview of where they’re at. Add your comments and sign the assessment form online.

Combined Account Balance

See all transactions on account

See payments on the your child’s account as it happens with live accounts. See the history from the beginning of time to keep your account easy to understand.

Split balances so you can easily see how much Tax Free Childcare payments you need to make to to take advantage of the 20% discount available for childcare fees*.

View any payment receipts by tapping on a payment on the account history.

* See Ts & Cs on

Download Invoices

Live & accurate

See all invoices on your account for multiple children and download for your records*. Each invoice shows itemised listing of all session in the month for complete clarity.

* You may need to download using

Accident Forms
Digitally view and sign

Get notified when your child has had an accident. View all the details and what actions have been taken. Call the nursery directly or sign the form before pick up.

Funding Eligibility Codes

Tracked and managed

You can add your funding eligibility codes into and your early years setting can then check and confirm these their end. Once confirmed, the setting can lock them off so that it stops any further changes and accidental edits on your parent admin account.


2-way messaging

Communicate with ease and send your nursery email notifications through your parent admin account.

2-way messaging allows your early years setting to reply back through your ParentAdmin app keeping all communications logged in one place.