Our mission

To be the best childcare management system

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Our mission is to free nurseries from admin, so they can focus on providing the best education for children.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the trusted leaders in delivering exceptional nursery management software.

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Dave and milesh

Our childcare management Journey

About us

We started our journey in 2003 when Dave founded Kids Academy.
With several years managing children’s day nurseries and preschools with paper-based systems and processes. We realised that to grow effectively we would need a digital childcare management system so decided to build our own as the current systems on the market were not fit for purpose.

Established Nursery in a Box in 2012
On the 30th July 2012 we established Nursery In a Box to build a digital nursery management system. With experience gained managing and franchising nurseries in the UK and middle east, it gave us a solid foundation to build a true all in one nursery management system which we are really proud of and we think you will love it too.

Pioneering and unique

Nursery management system

Authentic & Pioneering

We believe in thinking outside the box to create extraordinary nursery management software that’s original, pioneering and leads the way in helping nurseries and preschools to manage their early years business.

Our Aims

  • Always provide high quality early years management systems and processes
  • Be pioneering and never stop developing the childcare management system
  • Build a great team and provide a balanced working environment
  • Simplify everything and help nurseries and preschools to deliver outstanding childcare
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Proud to support early years

We would love to be part of your journey!

Proud to support you

It is a pleasure working in the early years business and we believe our childcare management system will help you deliver outstanding childcare for the children in your care.

If Nursery In a Box can help children’s education and raise the quality standards of nursery management in the UK, then for us that’s something to be really proud of.

Thank you to all our nurseries for providing great feedback and helping us to improve every day

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What nursery & preschool leaders say about us…

Early Learners Nurseries
Hayden McCann
Early Learners Nurseries

On average, the software saves me around £4,000 per month in secretarial and administrative costs across the sites – and that’s before I’ve accounted for the reduction in paper and ink cartridges.
Simon Capper
Manor Day Nurseries

We felt like we were just a small fish to the large corporate firm we were with, so we started to look around for an alternative and came upon Nursery in a Box. Our initial conversations with founders Dave and Milesh made us feel confident in moving to their system and we’ve not looked back.
Busy Little Bees Nurseries
Jackie Davis
Busy Little Bees

Across three settings, we probably had a monthly ink and paper bill of around £150 to £200 per site. With Nursery in a Box, that cost was gone overnight as everything is contained within the new software.
Little Learners Day Care
Elaine Burnett
Little Learners

I got in contact and spoke with the founder Dave Elebert, and after the initial conversation plus a trial I decided it was the way to go. We’ve not looked back. Nursery in a Box is user friendly, makes sense and most importantly I can speak to the team there.
Tynemouth Nursery Group
Rob Kilby
Tynemouth Nursery Group

Nursery in a Box ticks all the boxes for us. Everyone in the team uses it in some way and the parents do too. If I was to put a figure on it – I would say it saves us the equivalent of 2 or 3 admin salaries across the group. It lets our staff get on with what they love – caring for the children. Nursery in a Box most definitely pays for itself.
Tynemouth Nursery Group
Elaine Wright
Tynemouth Nursery at Billy Mill

Great company always happy to help with any question and always updating the program to make it better, our parents love the online diary’s and pictures we send daily.

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