Take Control of your Nursery Admin

If you’re the type of Nursery Owner that likes to be in control of your nursery admin, then boy do we have a nursery management system for you!

  • It puts you in control of your fees with one-click invoicing.
  • Automates your registers with auto room move and future availability calendar.
  • Allows parents to view their invoices online.
  • Allows you to see your nursery management information anytime anywhere.
  • Saves you time and money and will grow your nursery revenue.
  • It makes your nursery life easier to manage.

nursery admin

Our Nursery Admin

Nursery in a Box provides a straightforward and easy to use cloud-based nursery management system for invoicing your nursery fees with easy to understand itemised invoices, actual use billing clearly displaying extra sessions, discounts and automatically applying the free early year’s entitlement funding for you.

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Nursery in the Cloud

Choosing Your Nursery Management Software Wisely

In the blink of an eye it seems cloud based nursery management systems have transformed the way traditional paper based nurseries operate causing many nursery owners to reshape everything they do and It’s now a case of when they migrate to the cloud not If.

From, one click invoicing to online registrations the cloud allows nurseries, parents and staff easy access to information to make nursery life easier to manage. For most nurseries that’s a lot of information available any time you need it 24/7.

The aim of any nursery management system should put you in control by providing an easy to use system that has all the features you will require to manage your nursery admin, produce your invoices, run your registers and show your future availability to maximise your occupancy alongside a host of other benefits.

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Valentine’s Day at the Nursery

Valentine’s Day comes and goes, always bringing with it loves new and renewed. As with all holidays, most everyone, be they young or old, takes notice when February 14 swings by. But Valentine’s day at the nursery, it’s hard to think of ways — good, appropriate ways — to integrate Valentine’s Day into how you do things, and to make it fun.

Start by thinking outside the box. It’s important to remember that love isn’t just romance, and that’s why you don’t need to bank on or encourage children having crushes (possibly against what their parents might prefer!) to make Valentine’s Day fun for your nursery.

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Waiting for May Flowers: Exploring Nature at Preschool

In many parts of the world, it’s cold out there right now! While that can’t last forever, it’s hard to find a good place for preschoolers to go that’s not, well, preschool. But even when there’s a nip in the air, and it’s all so intimidating, the great outdoors are still worth considering — for their health, for their mind, and of course, for their enjoyment!

Before going out and exploring nature with the kids at your nursery, keep safety in mind! Fill up a backpack with water, snacks, blankets and an age-appropriate book, depending on your specific needs. Check in with parents to see if their children can and should take allergy medicine, and if so, what brand. For a day’s outing, a few tablets are a small expense, and one the kids will thank you for!

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Nursery in a Box: The Easy, Breezy Nursery Solution

It can be as difficult to manage your nursery as it is to sometimes manage the kids in it! Even if it’s your job and your passion, it’s always nice to have help, be it good staff, or cooperative parents, in running a nursery. And that’s where good nursery management software comes in. All sorts of serious enterprises — hospitals, businesses — need management software to work at their best… or at least, they’d strongly prefer it. Your nursery may not be any different!

Nursery in a Box is a solution to many different nursery problems, some of which you may not even know you had! Its elegant online elements ensure that any nursery with an Internet connection can be managed easily, both by parents and staff. Nursery in a Box works together with its “sister service”, ParentAdmin.com, to allow both parents and staff to seamlessly handle payments, child registration information, and a whole lot more with a few clicks.

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easy to use nursery management software

The Benefits of Keeping Good Records in Nurseries

Exceptional record keeping is one of the most essential tasks to managing a top-notch nursery or child care facility. Some information is crucial to document from a legal standpoint, while other information is needed to not only run your business, but run it smoothly and in an organised manner. Some data might be related to the education of your staff. Obviously, it is of utmost importance that all of this information be kept confidential, meaning everyone on your staff should be on the same page when it comes to confidentiality. On that same note, you need to have a secure place to store and organise this information.

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Life as a Working Mum

It has never been easy to be a working mother. For a long time, a mum who worked was unheard of or frowned upon. It was considered ‘irresponsible,’ and the children of these working women were viewed as being robbed of proper childcare and a decent upbringing. While we know today that this simply isn’t true, and we do not give nearly enough credit to the woman who works a full day and returns home to care for her children at night. For them, the work never seems to truly end. They often feel the guilt and stress that society puts upon them when they choose to divide their time, so how can you, as a dedicated working mother, balance life at home with life in the work force?

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Keeping Parents and Staff Updated with Social Media

You already know that communication is constantly changing at a rapid rate, so it’s just one more thing for you to keep track of in your whirlwind of a schedule. By introducing yourself and/or your business to social media, you’re placing your services at the top of the list as an up-to-date facility that is not afraid to make changes to keep with the times. When a nursery or other child care establishment needs to close unexpectedly, the owners and managers are faced with making phone calls not only to the staff but to parents/guardians as well. Because parents placing their children in your care are likely to be busy with their own set of tasks for the day, it is imperative that they be notified as soon as possible, and a phone call made far down your list may come too late for them to make alternate arrangements.

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Data Protection and Keeping Childcare Records Safe and Up to Date

As a revered childcare professional, you’re entrusted with the sensitive personal documents and data of your clients and their families out of necessity. You are not only depended upon to keep this information up to date as needed, but people rely on you to keep it safe and private as well. Failure to do so not only ruins the glowing reputation you have spent so much time and effort building for your business, but there could be legal consequences as well, meaning time and money spent unnecessarily if you had only taken the proper precautions. You want to protect yourself and your valued business by making this information more secure, but where to start? Paper records eliminate the possibility of electronic hackers or accidental online leaks on your behalf, but how safe is your data physically?

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Nursery In a Box presents 10 creative things to do with children over Christmas

If you are running out of ideas for creative things to do with children, then look no further as we have some cracking ideas pulled out of our own Nursery in a box.

  1. Get into the festive spirit by making your own mince pies.

    Making mince pies is a great, creative thing to do with children. Not only is this festive, but the children get to understand the process and also see what goes into making mince pies.

    Children also have lots of fun getting messy too. Not only that but you get to taste those delicious treats after baking them, as well as a gift for mum or dad.

  2. Get cracking!

    Style and decorate your own Christmas crackers. This gives the children an opportunity to put their own artistic stamp on their very own handmade crackers.

    You will need toilet rolls or kitchen roll tubes, crepe paper, ribbon, glue, glitter and anything arty. Ask the children for any jokes they know to add to the crackers. The rest is up to you!

  3. Card and Calendar Making

    It is always nice to send loved ones a card at Christmas so why not decorate your own with themes including Santa with his Elves, Rudolph and the moon and Robin Redbreast with Ivy.

    Some great materials would include cotton wool for the snow and black paper with glitter on it for stars at night. With many different materials out there, the designs can be endless!

    Alternatively you could make your own colour in calendar. Print off images such as Christmas wreaths, angels, snowflakes, robins, snowman and presents etc.; giving the children choice on what to include in their calendar.

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