Margaret Mason OBE

Children 1st Day Nurseries Testimonial

Margaret Mason OBE

Nursery in a Box has been amazing for our 25 nurseries. We have seen significant revenue growth and major improvements in operational efficiencies across the group. With powerful data reports and insights, we can see exactly what is going on in real time.

If you want to run the best nurseries, you have to have the best management system. Nursery In a Box has shown us that this is the best nursery software in the UK, with constant innovation and education leading industry firsts. The support we have received has been nothing short of world class.

I would highly recommend you speak to Dave & Milesh, as it has been one of the best childcare investments we have ever made.

Children 1st Day Nurseries
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What our customers say about us

A Brilliant piece of kit. My manager taught me how to use it and if I can use it then anyone can! It is such a useful tool, simple to use and great having everything in one place.


Newlands Early Years Centre
Newlands Early Years Centre

We absolutely love using Nursery In A Box. It has everything that we need, we keep finding new things that we can do with it, and love having everything in one place. The feedback from the parents is super positive and they love the daily communication. I am amazed at the support we receive from Nursery In a Box and the team usually respond within 30 minutes.


My Little Explorers
My Little Explorers

We would be absolutely lost without it. We use it every day without fail and personally I believe it is the way forward for most nurseries.


Parkhead Cottage Nursery
Parkhead Cottage Nursery

We love using the system, there is three of us that use it day in and day out. It is amazing having everything in one place and being able to completely move away from paper. The support team are brilliant, when we raise a ticket, the response is so fast and the constant communication with the team is great. You can tell a lot of time and energy has been put into building this fantastic system.


Rydal Day Nursery
Rydal Day Nursery

We absolutely love it; our lives have been made 10X easier with Nursery In A Box. When we raise a support ticket, the team get back to us so quick, the longest we have ever waited is about 20 minutes. The system and team are brilliant, and we would be lost without it.


The Old School Nursery
The Old School Nursery

We constantly use the system, and we absolutely love it, it is so so good. We recommend it to any nursery that we talk to or any managers in the Facebook early years chat. We love the way it looks visually and the way it works, it is super easy to follow. The daily diaries are my favourite, it is brilliant being able to attach up to 10 photos. We love it.


The Pelican Nursery
The Pelican Nursery

We find the system easy to navigate. Observations are simple to use, the system is user-friendly, and all our staff enjoy using it. We love that we can raise a ticket and the support is superfast and responsive, we don’t have to go through multiple lines.


White House Nursery Alfreton
White House Nursery

I absolutely love Nursery In A Box, I value it highly. It’s easy to use, the chat feature is a simple and effective way to communicate with parents, everything is where it needs to be and can be done with one click. The support is unmatched, the team get back to us promptly in a helpful and friendly manner. I have used other systems before and this one is the best.


White House Nursery Shirland
White House Nursery

The system is superfast, and is great at keeping everything up to date. Booking patterns are simple to use and all the staff love using the system. We find it simple yet brilliant.


Rhymes Nursery Quinton
Rhymes Nursery

I have worked with different systems before, and I think Nursery In A Box is easiest to use. If we ever have an issue, we raise a ticket, and the response from the support team is super quick. We have no issues and overall are really pleased.


Children 1st @ Derby Road
Children 1st Day Nurseries

I use it more than anyone and it’s brilliant. The support team are so good, whenever we need little adaptions, they are super helpful. The parents find it easy to use and love the notification system, especially because they know it comes straight to management.


Camelot Kids Limited
Camalot Kids

The system is easy to use, love the attendance and occupancy feature. It is great being able to see how many people are in. We also enjoy the reports and enquiries as it allows up-to-date communication.


White House Nursery Oakwood
White House Nursery

We love using the system, everything works a treat for us. The support is brilliant, I have never had to wait more than an hour for someone to get back to me. Communication with parents has been made so easy with Nursery In A Box.


Dottie Tots Nursery School Churt
Dottie Tots Nursery School

We love Nursery in A Box, it is amazing for handovers as we don’t have to explain what the child has eaten/done throughout the day, it’s all on the app. The parents love that they are aware of what the child is doing throughout the day and that messages go directly to them. All the staff find it super easy to use, it’s very self-explanatory.


Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Portsmouth South
Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Hi Dave, I just want to thank you sincerely for the help and advice you have given. Nursery In a Box is brilliant and I wish I knew about it 10 years ago as it would have made a significant difference to my understanding and ability to run a nursery.

Bill Pointon

Meridian Educational
Meridian Educational

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