Nursery In a Box presents 10 creative things to do with children over Christmas

Get Creative

If you are running out of ideas for creative things to do with children, then look no further as we have some cracking ideas pulled out of our own Nursery in a box.

  1. Get into the festive spirit by making your own mince pies.

    Making mince pies is a great, creative thing to do with children. Not only is this festive, but the children get to understand the process and also see what goes into making mince pies.

    Children also have lots of fun getting messy too. Not only that but you get to taste those delicious treats after baking them, as well as a gift for mum or dad.

  2. Get cracking!

    Style and decorate your own Christmas crackers. This gives the children an opportunity to put their own artistic stamp on their very own handmade crackers.

    You will need toilet rolls or kitchen roll tubes, crepe paper, ribbon, glue, glitter and anything arty. Ask the children for any jokes they know to add to the crackers. The rest is up to you!

  3. Card and Calendar Making

    It is always nice to send loved ones a card at Christmas so why not decorate your own with themes including Santa with his Elves, Rudolph and the moon and Robin Redbreast with Ivy.

    Some great materials would include cotton wool for the snow and black paper with glitter on it for stars at night. With many different materials out there, the designs can be endless!

    Alternatively you could make your own colour in calendar. Print off images such as Christmas wreaths, angels, snowflakes, robins, snowman and presents etc.; giving the children choice on what to include in their calendar.

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