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Data Protection and Keeping Childcare Records Safe and Up to Date

As a revered childcare professional, you’re entrusted with the sensitive personal documents and data of your clients and their families out of necessity. You are not only depended upon to keep this information up to date as needed, but people rely on you to keep it safe and private as well. Failure to do so not only ruins the glowing reputation you have spent so much time and effort building for your business, but there could be legal consequences as well, meaning time and money spent unnecessarily if you had only taken the proper precautions. You want to protect yourself and your valued business by making this information more secure, but where to start? Paper records eliminate the possibility of electronic hackers or accidental online leaks on your behalf, but how safe is your data physically?

Do you know who has access to all of your business-related files? What if some of your staff came across this information accidentally throughout the day without your knowledge? You could file all this information electronically, but how do you find the right program? How do you know the program you are using is safe? How easy is it to learn how to use the program? What kinds of encryption do they use? Will they explain it to you? What are you supposed to do in case your records are attacked?

With nursery management software from Nursery In A Box, you can rest assured knowing that all the information you add to our software is safe. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt your information so that even if attackers intercept your information, they will not be able to decode it. We work hard to think outside the box so you don’t have to, because you have other things to worry about.

Cloud based nursery management software

Instead of spending hours updating your information by hand, our nursery management software keeps everything in one place, so you can update your forms with the touch of a button from any of your mobile devices. Add to your information regardless of your location, because sometimes you can’t access your office or business when you need to. When you have the luxury of updating instantly, you’ll never forget to update essential records you need to keep your nursery or child care establishment running smoothly. Our software is cloud based, located at one of the best data facilities in the UK, and run by industry experts.

Few have the time or the tools to properly secure their data and records, not with all the other responsibilities that come with running a child care facility. At the same time, you can’t afford mistakes when it comes to your records, and we know that just as well as you do, so why not let us help? Let parents know their information is safe when you use our software with confidence, because when you are confident in your methods, others are confident in you.

Book a free trial for your personalised experience with our nursery management software from Nursery In A Box and observe the difference for yourself.

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