Digital registration form to fill your places faster

Digital registration forms

Registration made simple

Simplify your registration process with digital registration forms.

Easy for parents to register
Make it easy for parents to sign up and register with a digital registration form customised to your requirements. Register children straight from your website or social media.

Go Paperless
Go paperless with your childcare registration forms and allow parents to register on-line straight from your nursery website.

Reduce your admin
Minimise admin and paper based filing with all your registration forms stored safely and securely in the cloud.

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Registration form tracker built into Nursery In a Box

Completed by your parents

Track Registrations

Make it easy for parents to register with you either through your website, social media or via the parent app.

Registration Form Tracker
Our registration form tracker helps you manage the registration process so you can see the status of each registration and check any information or digital signatures missing.

Link your terms and conditions
Link your registration form to your terms and conditions, so everyone is clear on your registration policies.

Completed by your Parents
Digital registration forms completed by your parents to keep registration details up-to-date and in compliance with Ofsted and GDPR requirements.

OFSTED & GDPR Compliance
Stay compliant and allow parents to keep their child’s registration details up-to-date and in compliance with Ofsted and GDPR requirements.

Permissions management software

Digitally signed by your parents


Easy for you to manage your parental permissions and keep these upto date and accurate.

Track & Manage
Track and manage your parental permissions so your team can work with the latest accurate information for compliance.

Request digital signatures and track your parents have completed these, so everyone is compliant with your health and safety requirements.

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