Embed online forms into your website or social media

Book or register straight from your website or social media

Makes it easy for parents to book a visit or register with you

Maximise childcare enquiries, registrations, and show round visits directly through your website or social media platforms. Parents can book visits and register easily at any time. If parents arrive without a booking, logging their visit is simple, ensuring you never miss a follow-up or the chance to convert an enquiry into a registration.

Automate visit management with email notifications sent to both parents and managers confirming visit times and dates. Visits are seamlessly added to your enquiry tracker and manager’s diary for easy oversight. Additionally, parents can enroll and register online, providing you with their details in advance.

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Makes it easy for parents and staff to book, register or apply online

Powerful online booking system 24/7

Register your child online
Register Online
A complete online childcare registration form that drops seamlessly into your Nursery In a Box software.
Book a visit online
Book Online
Show rounds can be booked directly from your website and drops into your Nursery In a Box software effortlessly.
Apply for a job online
Apply Online
Allow staff to apply for jobs directly from your website and drops into your nursery management system.
Enquiry tracker

Track and manage all your enquiries and registrations in one place

Enquiry tracker

Track and manage all your enquiries and registrations in one place to enhance your registration conversion rate. The Nursery In a Box management system features an enquiry tracker, allowing you to manage all enquiries seamlessly. Easily link online forms to your website or social media and start monitoring your results in real-time.

The system simplifies tracking and managing enquiry conversion rates, helping you assess team performance. You can view enquiry and registration statistics effortlessly, focusing on areas for improvement. Powerful marketing reports and insights enable you to fill places faster and increase occupancy levels.

Enquiry tracker pipeline

Keeping your nursery in sync with marketing

Enquiry management

Monitor the number of days it takes for an enquiry to convert into a registration. Our system enables you to drag and drop follow ups to registrations with ease. For example, after a nursery visit, you can move an enquiry to follow-ups and set a callback date and time as a reminder.

Send follow-up emails to stay connected with parents as they decide on a childcare place. Manage your waiting list effortlessly by sibling, sessions, or waiting time. Enquiries are automatically added to your waiting list until places become available, making it easy to register from the list when a session becomes available.

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Enquiries and registration key information

Focus on marketing that works for you nursery

Marketing Insights

Gain clear insights into your nursery’s marketing performance with powerful, real-time early years marketing analytics. These insights allow you to focus on the marketing channels that work best for you.

Whether it’s word of mouth, banners, or social media. Use the enquiry tracker to see how parents heard about you so you can focus on what works best for your nursery, helping you to spot trends and fill places faster with focused marketing efforts. Additionally, track and manage your enquiry conversion rates to easily assess the success of your marketing campaigns.

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Manager's diary to make your manager's life easier

Keep your managers informed

Manager’s diary

See what’s going on and plan ahead with our manager’s diary system. Clear to see birthdays, absences, starters, leavers and visits booked from your website automatically dropping into your diary. Easy to add meetings or add new events and plan forthcoming activities.

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Online forms

Make life easier for parents and staff

Why use Website Forms?

  • Improve your online marketing and fill your places faster
  • Allow parents to book visits, register or enquire 24/7
  • Allow staff to apply for a job online any time of the day
  • Track enquiries, visits, registrations and job apps through Nursery In a Box
  • Easy to integrate into your nursery website or social media
  • No extra cost
How it works

To improve your online marketing

How Online Forms Work

Embded the forms on your website

Embed the Forms onto Your Website or Social Media

Use the personalised scripts and give them to your website developer to put them onto your website or social media.

Website or social media

Decide Where The Forms Go

Put the buttons in a prominent position so it’s easy for parents and staff.

Book a visit through your website

Online Enquiries, Visits, Registrations & Job Applications

Your parents can now enquire about places, book visits and register their children all through your website.

Staff can also apply for a job using the embedded job application form.

Auto response emails

Auto-Reply Email to Parents

With each enquiry your parents and nursery receive an automated response email.

This updates your manger’s diary and the enquiry tracker so you don’t miss anything.

Enquiry tracker with drag and drop

Track Enquiries, Visits, Registrations and Recruitment

Use our Enquiry Tracker to manage your enquiries, visits and registrations through Nursery In a Box.

Use our Recruitment Tracker to manage your job applications through HR Admin.

All done and ready to go

Customise Your Visit Times

Manage visit times, days and enquiry source through your admin.

Once you’re happy, all the changes will automatically be pulled through to your website forms and you are ready to go.


Nursery Owners, Managers, Parents, Staff

What nursery & preschool leaders say about us…

Early Learners Nurseries
Hayden McCann
Early Learners Nurseries

On average, the software saves me around £4,000 per month in secretarial and administrative costs across the sites – and that’s before I’ve accounted for the reduction in paper and ink cartridges.
Manor Day Nurseries
Simon Capper
Manor Day Nurseries

We felt like we were just a small fish to the large corporate firm we were with, so we started to look around for an alternative and came upon Nursery in a Box. Our initial conversations with founders Dave and Milesh made us feel confident in moving to their system and we’ve not looked back.
Busy Little Bees Nurseries
Jackie Davis
Busy Little Bees

Across three settings, we probably had a monthly ink and paper bill of around £150 to £200 per site. With Nursery in a Box, that cost was gone overnight as everything is contained within the new software.
Little Learners Day Care
Elaine Burnett
Little Learners

I got in contact and spoke with the founder Dave Elebert, and after the initial conversation plus a trial I decided it was the way to go. We’ve not looked back. Nursery in a Box is user friendly, makes sense and most importantly I can speak to the team there.
Tynemouth Nursery Group
Rob Kilby
Tynemouth Nursery Group

Nursery in a Box ticks all the boxes for us. Everyone in the team uses it in some way and the parents do too. If I was to put a figure on it – I would say it saves us the equivalent of 2 or 3 admin salaries across the group. It lets our staff get on with what they love – caring for the children. Nursery in a Box most definitely pays for itself.
Tynemouth Nursery Group
Elaine Wright
Tynemouth Nursery at Billy Mill

Great company always happy to help with any question and always updating the program to make it better, our parents love the online diary’s and pictures we send daily.

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