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Designed for early years to make staffing easier to manage and put you in control of your HR admin.

Improve and simplify your HR admin to make life easier for you and your team.

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Holiday management system

A holiday booking system you will love

Holiday Calendar

Plan your staff holidays with ease and allow your team to book holiday requests through the staff app ready for you to approve. Block book days not available and set statutory holidays for all your team to view.

Book holidays and see how many days are left to take with your holiday data pulled smoothly into your staff app and payroll export so it’s clear for everyone to see.

Manage absence and sickness

Easy to manage your absence

Absence & sickness

Approve & manage your absence and sickness to see what is really going on.

Log your back to work interviews so you have a historical record as you never know when you may need this information.

Combine your back to work logs with disciplinary information so you have all the facts in one place.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Digital employee details

Kept up to date by your team

Digital employee details

Keep your staff details up to date and accurate with staff details forms completed digitally by your team.

Allow staff to view and update their personal details in the staff app and be kept up to date with any changes made.

Stay compliant with GDPR guidelines around personal information for your peace of mind. See missing information with ease so you can chase up.

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2-way messaging

Easy to communicate with your team

Notifications & messaging

Send instant notifications to your team by name or employment role to make communications with your staff fast and efficient. See conversations flows and responses to simplify your admin.

Automate absent notifications, holiday requests, anniversaries and much more all in one place for your HR admin team to manage.

Send letters and news updates in seconds to improve communication with your team.

Staff receive notifications by email or through the staff app so everyone has a record of what’s going on.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Training your team

Training your team

Qualifications & skills

See qualified vs unqualified staffing levels with ease split between childcare and non-childcare staff.

Manage staff qualifications and skill levels across your early years settings so its easy to see training gaps.

Qualification compliance available with clear insights and reports whenever you need them.

Understanding your teams wellbeing

Understanding your teams’ wellbeing

Wellbeing support

See your teams’ health declarations at the click of a button with powerful insights to see where your help and understanding is needed.

Health declarations are completed by your team through the staff app so you can track and manage these with ease.

Always have your health declaration ready and available for inspections and audits.

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Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek

Notice board alerts

Easily accessible in one place

Notice board & alerts

Get smart notifications in your HR notice board to save you time and highlight the information you need.

Make it simple for your HR team see pay changes, DBS checks, first aid renewals, holiday requests and much more so they can action quickly and easily.

See back to work interviews scheduled and any absence reasons gathered to make informed decisions with your data.

Hr reports

HR, pay and recruitment

HR Reports

Clear & insightful reports designed with you in mind.

Over 30 data-led HR reports to choose from so its clear to see the information you need. Check and chase missing information quickly and easily.

Simplify your HR decision making with big HR data made easily available.

By working together, pooling our resources and building on our strengths, we can accomplish great things.

Ronald Reagan

HR insights for nurseries

Your team will love

HR insights

See your information jump off the page and start to sing.

50 data-led insights so it’s clear to see what is going on and help with great decision making.

No more spreadsheets or searching for the information as it’s there for you in real-time.

Upload and approve documents

Upload and approve documents

Document approvals

Allow your team to upload training documents, driving licences and much more ready for your approval. Check and manage missed documents quickly and easily.

Keep your documents all in one place and stored safely and securely in the cloud with easy access whenever you need to see them.

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Time sheets made simple

Digital registers simplify your timesheets


Track and manage your staff time and attendance with digital registers.

Automate your timesheets if staff are absent, sick, late, on maternity or off on holiday, quickly and easily so it’s ready for your approval.

Your approved timesheets are then ready for your payroll export with the knowledge they are always accurate with no fuss.

Cost and revenue by room

Revenue & staffing cost by room

Costed rota

See how much staffing costs and revenue per day or week to give you a simple profit & loss by room.

Shows you clearly where each room makes or loses money to give you accurate financial information to work with.

Integrate with your shift planner so you can make changes and see the financial impact these make.

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The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Phil Jackson

Simplify time and attendance

Simplify your time & attendance

Attendance tracking

Digital registers automate your staff shift patterns straight into your daily and weekly registers. No more paper registers with live and accurate information available 24/7.

See your staff registers months in advance so it’s easy to plan. These are also available to your team through the staff app.

Fast efficient and highly accurate synced seamlessly with your payroll export.

Staff rota made easy

Makes staff rota planning simple

Staff rotas

Plan your staff rotas with ease to keep you in ratio and record any last minute changes to make staff rota planning easier.

Your shift planner makes it simple to manage efficient staffing levels and record any surplus staff you may have. Plan room movements with ease.

Automate staff rotas weeks ahead of schedule so it’s clear for everyone to see. All information is available to your team through the staff app.

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Time and attendance tracking

Time and attendance tracking made simple

Staff Registers

Auto update your staff registers when a member of your team reports their absence through the staff app. Track and report absence reasons with ease.

Instantly send a notification to cover staff so they can help with last minute absence requests.

Live update to your availability & occupancy so you are always in staff ratio to Ofsted requirements and all your data is pulled into your timesheets so they are always spot on.


Manage your pay structure

Manage your pay levels with ease

Pay structures

Manage your pay levels with ease and see your pay structures clearly with rate per hours auto calculated for you.

Automate pay changes with custom settings to take the hassle out of pay amendments with an automatic notification sent to your team telling them what has changed.

Calculate your staff hours based on real time and attendance directly taken from your digital registers so they are always accurate in real time.

Payroll export

Fast, simple & accurate

Payroll export

With approved time sheets pulled straight into your payroll export you can be sure your payroll is accurate and easy to provide.

You are then able to send your approved payroll export to your accountant or chosen payroll bureau so your team gets paid accurately and on time with the minimum of fuss.

Reduce your payroll admin and simplify your payroll process so you focus on managing your team.


Go digital with recruiting

Go digital with your recruitment

Online Job App

Manage your recruitment process with a digital job application form embedded into your nursery website, social media or linked to recruitment job boards.

Make it easy for potential staff to apply for childcare jobs online with you.

All information drops smoothly into your HR admin system to make recruiting staff easier.

Interview Scheduling

Scheduling interviews made easy

Interview Scheduling

Schedule your interviews with ease and simplify your early years interview process so you can improve your recruitment success rates.

Easy to send interview email notifications clearly stating the time and place to professionally manage interviews or no shows.

Track and manage the interview process with auto emails to let your potential staff know if they have been successful.

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Application pipeline

Track and manage all your job applications

Application Pipeline

Easy to track and manage your job applications with a handy drag and drop feature moving applications so you can follow up and check their status easily.

Log events as they happen and record conversations with applicants so you can improve your communication during the recruitment process.

Give a great first impression to your potential employees during each step of the early years recruitment process

A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind.

Bill Bethel

Recruitment dashboard

Powerful recruitment management system

Recruitment dashboard

Smart job application dashboard to see how potential new employees have managed.

Reports and insights to see clearly how successful your recruitment has been.

Applicant tracking keeps all your recruitment information in one place to keep things simple.

Retain your team

Helping you to retain your team

Leave Reasons

Understand your leave reasons to help with your training and recruitment process.

Identify clear reasons for leaving so you can spot trends.

Get to the heart of why staff are leaving you so you can do something about it.

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Nurseries love using our software Nursery management software reviews

Jacky Brown
Jacky Brown
23. June, 2022.
Fantastically simple, bespoke nursery/pre-school business software. Is saving hours of our time. Helpline is quick and efficient. Delighted with the product and back-up service. The Children's Workshop.
Samantha Mansfield
Samantha Mansfield
23. June, 2022.
Nursery in a Box support team are life savers! We have just opened our new nursery, connected to our primary school so it is all a bit new to me. The support I receive is brilliant, very fast and they don't mind me constantly asking questions, they are always quick to respond and I could not be without them. The management system is wonderful, I wish we had it for our mainstream children, they have thought of everything to help organise our children. Well done Nursery in a Box team πŸ™‚
Lime Tree Alton
Lime Tree Alton
31. May, 2022.
they do a great job, the software is easy to use
Lisa Richards
Lisa Richards
19. May, 2022.
This has completely changed our way within our nursery and our admin it has made our daily jobs much much easier. The online help team are brilliant and can advise on any issue we have.
Jacky Brown
Jacky Brown
22. March, 2022.
The most fantastic, comprehensive and easy-to-use Pre-school/nursery business management system. It is saving so much time, stress and unnecessary paperwork.
Mandy Crimes
Mandy Crimes
17. March, 2022.
This is the best booking system we have ever had. It is so easy to use, bookings are a breeze but more importantly if you want to change/cancel or any amendment it is done with one click. On our old system is was clicking every single day to make the changes sometimes for the rest of the school year! but on here its one tick to change. Invoices are very professional and parents can download their own receipts for Universal Credit etc. This is just one side of the system but the best for me πŸ™‚ Support is second to none, one message when you need help and in my experience they answer within about 15 mins! In setting they can use the registers quickly and easily, have 2 way contact with parents for absences and accident forms are a doddle. In all you must use this as your complete system if you run any sort of after school club/nursery.
Maria Tomkinson
Maria Tomkinson
25. February, 2022.
Love the system, the support team is EPIC, anything you need they sort for you and within 24 hours, highly recommend
stephen feeney
stephen feeney
11. February, 2022.
This is the best nursery administration system on the market! Dave and his team are very helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you Dave for all your support over the years. If you are looking for a new system designed for nurseries this is the one you need!!!
Amanda White
Amanda White
26. January, 2022.
I have been using Nursery in a Box now since December 2021, having tried a couple of others systems. This is by far the easiest to navigate around and the team are so helpful. If you have any issues just do a ticket and they answer you query straight away. I would highly recommend this system.
Hedgehogs Leader
Hedgehogs Leader
6. January, 2022.
The NIAB admin team are always very helpful, and have speedy responses! Nursery in a box is easy to use, and a great tool to have.