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Keeping Parents and Staff Updated with Social Media

You already know that communication is constantly changing at a rapid rate, so it’s just one more thing for you to keep track of in your whirlwind of a schedule. By introducing yourself and/or your business to social media, you’re placing your services at the top of the list as an up-to-date facility that is not afraid to make changes to keep with the times. When a nursery or other child care establishment needs to close unexpectedly, the owners and managers are faced with making phone calls not only to the staff but to parents/guardians as well. Because parents placing their children in your care are likely to be busy with their own set of tasks for the day, it is imperative that they be notified as soon as possible, and a phone call made far down your list may come too late for them to make alternate arrangements.

Blunders like this may anger long-time patrons and tarnish the reputation you’ve worked so hard to achieve. If you heighten your presence on social media, you can set your pages to display important information for you, such as daily operational hours, closures, and important dates. Parents and staff can easily set their devices to notify them if there is a change or an update and the list of people you have to call suddenly shrinks exponentially. Not to mention, all that you post stays on social media and there cannot be any discrepancies as to whether or not you missed someone on your list.

Even becoming active on several platforms of social media is not very time consuming once you are setup, so you can widen your range of information with minimal effort. This way, users of Twitter are satisfied while others who may use Facebook more regularly also receive the information they need. You can also post important announcements about field trips or accomplishments as a tool for promoting your services and the talents and skills of your exceptional staff. Many companies and organisations now have private pages or groups specifically for staff to communicate efficiently and out of the public eye. Many people already participate on different forms of social media and as such are likely to check it more regularly, leading to fewer miscommunications regarding scheduling in your workplace. Employees can also take comfort in the fact that you are never difficult to get in contact with in case of an emergency or last minute decision.

In today’s business world, most businesses can’t afford to neglect the opportunities that come with online promotion and the number of people they reach. And for such a small investment of time, why wouldn’t you give yourself and your business the best promotion and communication opportunities possible? Allow yourself to appear in the best, most professional light you can while saving time and relieving yourself of unnecessary stress. When your social media presence is updated, professional, your current and potential parents of the children you care for will think the same of you.

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