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Nursery In a Box is a breeze

Nursery in a Box: The Easy, Breezy Nursery Solution

It can be as difficult to manage your nursery as it is to sometimes manage the kids in it! Even if it’s your job and your passion, it’s always nice to have help, be it good staff, or cooperative parents, in running a nursery. And that’s where good nursery management software comes in. All sorts of serious enterprises — hospitals, businesses — need management software to work at their best… or at least, they’d strongly prefer it. Your nursery may not be any different!

Nursery in a Box is a solution to many different nursery problems, some of which you may not even know you had! Its elegant online elements ensure that any nursery with an Internet connection can be managed easily, both by parents and staff. Nursery in a Box works together with its “sister service”,, to allow both parents and staff to seamlessly handle payments, child registration information, and a whole lot more with a few clicks.

Nursery in a Box: The Easy, Breezy Nursery Solution

But even today, with simple software like Nursery in a Box on the market, not everyone knows how to use computers easily. And that’s okay! Nursery in a Box provides no end of assistance to its user: the software is set up for you, just waiting for you to add kids, hours, balances and patterns. It’s easy to integrate it with your nursery website, and if you don’t have one, you can simply have a free nursing website built for you with the purchase of the software!

It doesn’t stop there, of course. You not might know the software like the back of your hand and use it daily, but you will soon enough — and that means you’ll need both training and knowledge. Fortunately, you’ll probably be requesting a software demo of Nursery in a Box, at a date and time of your choice, and soon enough you’ll be moving on to using the software yourself!

But the parents involved might be apprehensive of Nursery in a Box and, for many of the same reasons. That’s why Nursery in a Box provides you with a parent introduction process that you can customize. Of course, most parents at least have emails, and that’s where Nursery in a Box once again proves useful. Using it, you can email out announcements, and when you’re done with that, you can save the formatting you used as letter templates. Ten seconds of saving your letter now will save you two minutes every time you need to mail one out!

Of course, the purpose to all of this is to save time. That’s exactly what you can do, with features like the previously-mentioned Mail Merge, but with the software backend you use to manage kids, schedules, and all that stuff that might take hours out of your already busy day. The time management improvements provided by Nursery in a Box are on the order of hours to minutes. Those are hours you could spend on your nursery, on the kids, or on yourself!

Of course, while you’re sure to be satisfied with how simple, easy, and ultimately effective Nursery in a Box is, there’s a 30 day free trial associated with it in each of its plans, with no setup fee for any of them besides. There’s no beating that price — and, perhaps, no beating Nursery in a Box for all of your nursery software needs. If you haven’t already, try it today!

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