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Make life easier with preschool management software you will love.

Switching to a modern all-in-one preschool management system will put you in control of your preschool admin and it will be one of the best decisions you make.

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Nursery management easy to manage

Designed to make life easier to manage

Make preschool life easier to manage

With over 200 preschool management software features, we guarantee you won’t look back on your old preschool management system again.

Simplify everything and go digital with your preschool management system to put you back in control.

Focus on what you love

Management software designed to put you in control

Focus on what you love

Our preschool management software is designed to automate your daily tasks, simplify your preschool admin and put you back in control so you can focus on what you love doing.

Operating a preschool requires you to manage a lot of data every day and this is why a preschool management system becomes essential to manage your daily operations more efficiently.

Over 450 reports and insights across all your systems give you powerful information to work with, live and in real time so your preschool can always get the management information you need quickly and easily.

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Add value to your preschool

Get smart with managing your data

Adds value to your preschool

Nursery In a Box helps maximise business potential by doing the admin basics really well to add real value to your preschool business with smart preschool management software.

Save time and money on your preschool admin and become efficient at operating your preschool business with simple and powerful preschool management software you will love.

Your preschool management system provides you with data-led reporting and clear insights into your preschool business, so you can make smart business decisions quickly and easily.

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