Nursery management software

Take control of your nursery admin

If you’re the type of nursery owner that likes to be in control of your nursery then boy do we have a nursery management system for you!

Take control of your admin

Make your data jump off the page

Nursery In a Box

One click invoicing

Stay in control

With one-click invoicing

Nursery In a Box provide a simple and easy to use cloud-based nursery management system for invoicing your nursery fees with easy-to-understand itemised invoices, actual use billing clearly displaying extra sessions, discounts and automatically applying the free early years entitlement funding for you.

  • It puts you in control of your fees with one-click invoicing
  • Automates your registers with auto room move and future availability calendar
  • Allows parents to view their invoices online
  • Allows you to see your nursery management information anytime anywhere
  • Saves you time and money and will grow your nursery revenue
  • It makes your nursery life easier to manage
Woman using nursery management software

Designed to reduce

Parent Admin queries

The system has been designed to reduce your parent admin queries and allows your parents to view and download invoices, see their payment history and much more by changing the way you communicate with your parents with Parent Admin.

The great thing is that it’s easy to use and as its cloud based its available any time, any place, anywhere from any device. So throw away those spread sheets and word documents or stop using that outdated and difficult to use nursery management software and move to Nursery In a Box to make your nursery life easier to manage.

Book your free trial today. We are sure you will love it.