Nursery Management Software
Questions and Answers

  • Why choose a nursery management system?

    A good nursery management system puts you in control of your fees, automates your registers, allows parents to view invoices and account history. It also allows you to see your management information anytime you need it, saves you time and money on admin and generally makes your nursery life easier to manage.

  • Why choose Nursery In a Box?

    We are passionate about creating high quality nursery management software that’s been designed to make your nursery life easier to manage.

  • What if I'm not very good on a computer will I be able to use your software?

    You don’t need to be good on a computer as the management software is easy to use and you don’t need a lot of computer knowledge to operate the system.

  • What are the key features of the nursery management system?

    Once Click Invoicing, Funding, Registers, Attendance, Registration Form, Occupancy, Availability, Booking Patterns, Staff details, Child Details, Parent Details. ParentAdmin allows parents to see their invoices and payments online.

  • Are we tied into a contract?

    There is no contract tie in period only a 30 day cancellation notice.

  • Why should we choose the nursery management system carefully?

    Choosing the right system will put you in control of your invoicing and save you a lot of time spent doing your nursery admin.

  • Why should we invest in the latest technology?

    Your investment in the latest nursery management system should quickly pay for itself many times over with time saving features such as one click invoicing and allowing parents to see their accounts information online.

  • What type of software support do we receive?

    You will receive unlimited support by telephone, email support tickets and tutorials. You will be also be taken through a set up process when you first start to make sure your system is setup correctly.

  • How long is the software licence for?

    We don't tie you into a software license and only require 30 days notice should you wish to leave us.

  • How fast can you set my nursery management system up?

    All nursery management systems are setup within 3 to 5 working days.

  • Will the software reduce my time spent on nursery admin?

    You should see a considerable reduction in time spend producing invoices and registers as these are automated for you. You should also see a massive reduction in parent admin queries too, with simple, easy to understand invoices.

  • Is the system easy to use?

    The system is very easy to use and has been built by people who have actually owned and operated nurseries to ensure all your information is only one click away.

  • Does the software get backed up?

    The software is backed up every day so that we can make sure you never lose any of your information.

  • Is the software Ofsted compliant?

    The registration form contains all the information and more for Ofsted compliance and keeps a copy of your data forever (Ofsted required you to keep this information for 3 years).

  • How long have Nursery In a Box been operating?

    We have been operating for 5 years and were incorporated on the 30th July 2012.

  • Q: What experience do nursery in a box have in nursery management?

    A: We have 15 years nursery management experience, managing and owning a Nursery Group in the UK and Middle East.

  • Q: Why move from paper to a cloud based nursery management system?

    A: It safe, secure and you can do a lot more with the data you hold. You can also allow multiple people access to the system at the same time from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi access. Moving to a cloud based system also speed up the time it takes to do your day to day tasks like registers and booking pattern changes with ease.

  • Q: What happens if we wish to cancel the software license?

    A: You will go into a cancellation process and we will compile your childcare registration details and financial information and send this to you on cancellation. Just to make sure you have all the information you need.

  • Q: Why should we move our nursery admin into the cloud?

    A: The cloud allows nurseries, staff and parents easy access to information to make nursery life easier to manage.

  • Q: How can we send newsletters and emails to parents?

    A: It's very simple and easy with a couple of clicks. As well as emailing parents a copy is also stored on parent admin and the management system so you are always in control of communications with your parents.

  • Q: Can our staff use the software on our tablets?

    A: Yes the software can be used on tablets, mobiles and desktops.

  • Q: Can parents use their mobiles or tablets to access

    A: Yes parent admin is fully responsive to work on any device. In fact most of your parents will login to from their mobile phones.

  • Q: Can we log accidents and incidents?

    A: Yes you can log an accident easily and this drops into the log reports as well as the accident report. This can be saved and stored for as long as you need to access them.

  • Q: Is it easy to change a booking pattern or cancel an invoice?

    A: It very easy to change a booking pattern and is a two click process. To cancel an invoice is equally simple just select the invoice you wish to cancel and select a reason for cancelling and your done.

  • Q: Why produce actual use itemised invoices?

    A: Actual use itemised invoices are clear and transparent and remove any parent admin queries disputing the sessions they have taken.

  • Q: How does the software calculate the free childcare funding?

    A: The software has a function enabling you to auto calculate the funding hours and then drops it into the booking pattern clearly displaying this on the invoice so parents can clearly see how much funding has been applied to each session per invoice.

  • Q: Does the nursery management software calculate the 30 hours funding?

    A: Yes, the management software is already updated to allow 30 hours funding. This is easy to apply, you just need to select how you wish to apply this i.e. over 38 weeks or stretched.

  • Q: Is it easy to add an extra session?

    A: Yes, it is very easy to add an extra session by selecting the child name, select the date of the extra session and add. Once this is done the extra session drops onto your invoice and also appears in your extra sessions report.

  • Q: Does the software integrate with online accounting systems?

    A: Yes, the software integrates with Sage, QuickBooks and Xero with a CSV data export facility. We can also export to any other online accounts system on request.

  • Q: Can the nursery management software email my invoices?

    A: Every time you process your invoices, it sends an email to the parent with a PDF invoice attached and drops a copy of the invoice onto for the parent to track through their account.

  • Q: Does the nursery management software chase overdue accounts?

    A: Yes, the nursery management software has an in-built overdue notification function. This allows you to send overdue notification emails either individually or all at once. This also tracks the date you last sent the overdue notification for your information. The outstanding balance is also available for parents to view on

  • Q: How does your software save my nursery money?

    A: By saving you time by automating your invoices and registers and reducing parent admin queries. The software also gives you a revenue dashboard so you can check how you are performing.

  • Q: How much does the nursery management software cost?

    • A: The Nursery management software costs £99 per month with no setup fee, free unlimited support and an only a 30-day contract.

  • Q: Does the system manage childcare voucher payments?

    A: Yes the system will show you which voucher companies control your money and what payments have been made to each child's account.

  • Q: Do we have an online diary?

    A: Yes you have an online diary that automates birthdays, show rounds, registrations and also allows you to add your own events to the diary.

  • Q: How many reports do we have access to?

    A: You have access to over 100 nursery management reports within Nursery in a Box which are live and up-to-date. There are many reports to choose from but the most popular tend to be booking patterns missing, registration forms, overdue notifications, child and staff registers, availability and occupancy calendar etc.

  • Q: What do our parents see in

    A: Parents can view their invoices, account history, HMRC eligibility codes, childcare registration details alongside the ability to send you a notification of changes to their account or any questions they may have.

  • Q: Why does parent admin help our parents?

    A: Parent admin allows parents to keep track of payments and their childcare registration forms putting them more in control of the information your nursery holds.

  • Q: Why are child registers so important?

    A: Child registers are one of the most important documents in the nursery as they confirm attendance in accordance to staff ratios to ensure Ofsted compliance.

  • Q: Why your registration forms are so important?

    A: Your childcare registration forms contain a lot of up-to-date information about each child. We use this information to provide you with over 15 nursery management reports. Ofsted also require you keep this information for 3 years after the child has left the nursery.

  • Q: Can parents register their children from my nursery website?

    A: We provide you with your personalised registration form scripts that can be passed onto your website manager. Once added this embeds a registration form onto your website so parents can register a child quickly and easily whenever they want to. Once submitted, this information then drops into your nursery management system automatically.

  • Q: Can parents book a show round from my nursery website?

    A: Yes very easily by clicking the book a show round link. The system will then send the parent and nursery an email confirming the show round as well as dropping it into the nursery online diary.

  • Q: Can staff apply for a job from my nursery website?

    A: Yes we provide you with a full staff application form that drops into the management system when completed on your nursery website. This is embedded into your website using personalised scripts that we provide on registration.

  • Q: What forms can you embed onto my website?

    A: Show round form, childcare registration form, job application form, Login, Nursery Admin Login.

  • Q: How many types of user levels can my nursery have?

    A: There are generally two user levels one with access to financial information and one without.

  • Q: How many members of my staff can log into your software?

    A: There are no limits to the number of staff being able to log into the nursery management software.

  • Q: Can we access the software from home?

    A: The software can be accessed from anywhere in the world wherever you have Wi-Fi.

  • Q: Can my team have access to the system?

    A: Yes all your team can have access to the nursery management system as long as they have an email address.

  • Q: Why would we put website forms onto our nursery website?

    A: Website forms allow you to market the nursery 24/7 so parents can book show rounds, register their child and gain access to Staff can also apply for a job online whenever it suits them.

  • Q: How does Nursery in a Box talk to our nursery website?

    A: The system links to your website via embedded form scripts that we provide on registration.

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